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Call-Now-GraphicLow Doc loans are the savior of small business. Without them many self-employed people…the backbone of our economy…would be unable to raise funds to purchase a home or expand their business operations.

We here at PFG Mortgage Managers understand the needs of entrepreneurs. The founders of PFG are themselves entrepreneurs having set up and operated a variety of businesses over many years. Since 2003 they have applied their skills and experience towards helping thousands of business people realise their dreams, whether that be for purchasing a home, an office or funding expansion.

Low doc home loans are available to those who have an ABN number and are operating a viable business. There are times however when tax returns and other financials are not readily available for one reason or another. And when cash flows become erratic banks are often dismissive of a small business operator pleading for help.

This is where PFG rises to the occasion. We are experts in the field of low documentation home loans and low documentation commercial loans. We understand business.

Satisfied clients tell us we are legends, that we have helped fulfill their ambitions; or that we have saved them from bankruptcy by opening our door when all about them were closing theirs. We have even saved marriages!

Call us now. Within a few minutes you will realise that all of the above has a ring of truth.

We are low doc loan specialists.

We are here to help.

Our company PFG Mortgage Managers  is not a broker but a mortgage manager which means we access wholesale funding…and  then we pass the savings on to our clients .

Our lenders rank in the top 100 Australian companies on the Stock Exchange…such as Perpetual Trustees Company Ltd and the Adelaide Bank.

PFG not only specializes in low doc loans but also has some of the lowest standard full doc loan rates on the market from 4.87% for first 5 years then the rate reduces to 4.59 % after year 5. Comparison rate 4.88% based on 300k loan over 30 years..

PFG supports these businesses by offering low doc funding solutions, allowing small business operates access to funds at attractive rates, which ensures they are able to retain the full doc clients which supply the majority of home loan applications to the broker market.

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Some common questions about low doc home loans:

1. Does PFG refinance existing low doc loans?   YES

2. Can we do residential construction funding?    YES

3. Can we capitalize the payments during construction?  YES

4. If I have some credit issues…such as missed payments or defaults… can I still obtain a low doc home loan?   YES… but we will need to know the reason why and feel comfortable you will be able to make the payments and are unlikely to go late with our loan.low doc home loans

5. My accountant won’t sign any low doc declaration. Can we still obtain a low doc home loan? YES… if we view your trading accounts and your last 3 months bank statements showing your turn-over an accountant sign-off may not be required.

6. Can we convert our low doc home loan into a full doc?  YES… we will view your last 2 years tax returns and if suitable will happily  convert your low doc home loan into a full doc at no cost.

7. Why are low doc home loans more costly compared to full doc  rates?  The cost of funding relates directly to risk. A client who is unable to supply full tax returns compels the lender to take more risk.

8. Can we have our property held in a trust for asset protection? Yes…PFG understands the risks associated in operating a business .

9. Can we have the property in my non-working partner’s name and use my income as co-borrower for asset protection . YES…you can

10. Does PFG allow cash out for working capital? Yes…we do to allow you to expand your business.

11. Can we have cash out to pay my ATO account? Yes …we will allow cash out to clear all out standing ATO obligations.

12. Can we pay out a Commercial Bill? Yes ….we refinance Commercial Bills.

13. Can we have unlimited cash out? Yes …PFG allows unlimited cash out up to 80% LVR (Loan to Valuation Ratio).

14. Do break costs apply if we discharge early? There are no break costs on variable low doc home loans.

15. Can you check the value of my property? YesPFG offers free RPDATA Valuations

16. I’m not sure if I have any credit issues. Can you help? YesPFG offers free Veda reports

17. Can I obtain a low doc loan if I have an ABN but not actually operating a business? No. You must be currently running a business that generates at least 50% of your total income.

                                           PFG will not be beaten on rates.

    Some of our low doc rates start from –  

5.88% variable (comparison rate 5.85% based on 300k loan over 30 yrs)

and fixed rates from 4.99%  fixed  for 3 years

comparison rate 5.85% based on

300k loan over 30 yrs


We recommend you obtain a comparison rate , for your loan , comparisons rate will vary depending on loan size and term of loan. PFG is happy to supply comparison rates which allows you to compare our funding solutions with other companies

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